Holidaying with friends, a baby, and the Joie Commuter travel cot.

As one of a group of 6 – or more – friends who have holidayed (read: got lost in the Scottish wilderness) together annually throughout their 20s, I found myself packing an extra load of luggage in the shape of a 5 month-old for this year’s Welsh adventure.

My husband and I are the first ones in our group of travel buddies to permanently give up our sleep/money/freedom have a baby, so we were pleased to hear that our friends still wanted to holiday with us, plus one.

Renting an ideal, 3-bedroomed, open-plan Airbnb pad meant that were all had the space and freedom to ensure we didn’t trip over each other, the baby had space to roam and there were plenty of opportunities to relax and socialise (sans nursery rhymes and peek-a-boo) once the baby was in bed. Perfect.

Speaking of bed, Ada- who is 5 months old – slept for the week in a Joie Commuter Change travel cot, which is actually incredible:

  • it has an insert so younger babies are higher up (see you later, backache!);
  • it comes with a wipe-clean changing mat that fits on top of the travel cot (again, gracias Joie for thinking about our backs);
  • it’s on wheels (once again, with the back theme…);
  • it’s a tiny bit of a faff to get up (but what travel cot isn’t?!); however, my husband can have it up – and down – in no time;
  • it’s a tasteful grey colour;
  • it’s well-padded for my (equally well-padded) baby to lie in comfortably.

The downsides, if I’m going to be picky, are few and are very minor – but I like to give an honest review, so:

  • when it came out of its travel bag, it did sound a bit like my husband was attempting to erect a circus tent (there were a few parts clanging on the ground); however, it definitely sounded more dramatic than it was. It was up and ready for action in around 5 minutes;
  • the Joie Commter Changer isn’t the most elegant and dainty piece of luggage. It has its own handy travel bag with a handle, but you certainly know you’re carrying it (this wasn’t a problem for us: it’s not like we’re treating it as a member of the family and lugging it up hills to oggle at the scenic views – the extent of its travels were: loft – car – bedroom – car – loft. Easy.)

To sum up the Joie Commuter Travel Cot, it’s well worth the money. At £79.99 from, it’s not the cheapest of travel cots, but the fact that I didn’t have to worry about where I was going to change and dress the baby (shout-out to the the nifty changing top), and the higher-level to sleep my small mini-me, means it’s a must for every night away with Ada.

Travelling with a baby – especially for the first time as a first-time parent (how many times can I say ‘first’?!) is a daunting experience (“Will she sleep?”, “Will I sleep?”, “Will she know that she’s in a travel cot?”, “Will she miss her own bed?”), but looking back on our holiday, albeit a ‘staycation’ – I’m not tackling flight until October – I’m pleased we had the Joie Commuter travel cot. It meant that Ada slept like a baby (?!?) and that we got time to ‘adult’ with our friends. Fab.

Decent nights’ sleep (for the baby and therefore us) helped ensure our holiday was fun. A lot of fun. Our friends and Ada bonded even more; our pregnant friend has not had a change of heart despite Ada’s Electric Mountain Poo Massacre of 2017 – the rumours are true: it reached her TOES; and we’re all looking forward to the new and improved child-friendly holidays of the future.

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