Mutsy Evo pushchair

The Mutsy Evo Urban Nomad: an incredible pram system, but a waste of our money.

You know the drill – you’re pregnant; you’re excited; you want to buy everything and more right NOW.

A pram was one of those items that we thought was as essential as nappies and clothes. We spent a long time visiting different shops, looking online, trying out an array of wheels for our unborn bundle of joy. We even stopped a random family in IKEA after noticing their fine beast of a pram system and asked them for an on-the-spot review (to which they kindly obliged).

We finally decided on a Mutsy Evo Urban Nomad pram in grey. Tasteful, functional, reasonably priced (£384 with free delivery from Here’s what we loved about it:

  • it’s easy to get up and down (even with my questionable sense of logic,  space and shape);
  • it grows with the baby (you swap the pram attachment for a pushchair attachment when necessary);
  • it has a foot muff, rain cover and parasol (priced separately);
  • the wheels detach for easy cleaning and storage;
  • it’s pleasant to push around (no squeaky wheels here);
  • the pushchair fitting can be both parent and outside-facing;
  • it looks stylish (hello, leather handle) and gives its much pricier competitors a run for their money;
  • it’s available in many different colours and fabrics;
  • you can buy a matching car seat;
  • The hood has a zip which allows you to extend it slightly, offering the baby more protection from the elements.

However, as with most products, there was a couple of downsides to the Mutsy Evo pram:

  • When it rains, and the rain cover is in use on the pushchair attachment, some rain water drips into the storage compartment underneath. This became a bit of a problem when I was storing bath bombs in a paper bag under there (I narrowly avoided a beautifully scented, glittery tragedy);
  • If you’re wanting a pram systems that doesn’t take up a lot of boot space, then this (or any other pram system) may not be for you. Don’t get me wrong – it folds away beautifully; the pushchair attachment even folds in half to make it more compact, but the awkward shape still means it takes up quite a bit of space. We’ve resorted to quickly removing the wheels to allow us to store it more easily;
  • This one is personal to me and is no reflection on the pram, but the biggest problem of all was that Ada didn’t actually like it! She is apparently not a fan of being lay or sat whilst being wheeled around. She definitely missed the memo that she’s supposed to love this pram as much as we do. So, our perfect pram system is currently residing under the stairs on a more permanent basis. We can’t bring ourselves go sell it as it’s so lovely and – you never know – baby number two (whenever that may be) might be partial to a bit of Mutsy Evo action.

All in all, the Mutsy Evo Urban Nomad is a lot of pram for the money. Considering the price of some of the leading market competitors, this German-made pram system is a no-brainer (as long as your baby, unlike ours, is a fan of wheels!). Check it out on Mutsy’s website.






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