“Baby shoes are pointless until the baby can walk,” I said… until I got a pair for my definitely-not-close-to-walking baby.

I am currently eating my words as I watch my 5 month old daughter bounce up and down in her Jolly Jumper, each time receiving a delightfully soft landing courtesy of her faux-fur lined Toms Cuna booties (buy them from Kidly at £26), which I was sent by Kidly to review.

These are the the first pair of shoes she’s had: I didn’t know how she’d react to them (would she remove them? Attempt to eat them? Scream at them? Start jerking her legs weirdly like that time I put socks on my mum’s Jack Russell?). Turns out, I had nothing to fear – I slipped them on to her chubby, sticky little feet (sans socks so she could feel the super-fluffy lining) with ease thanks to the wide-opening velcro strap, and watched her explore the new additions to her feet with her hands. Obviously, her booted foot went straight into her mouth, but I see this as her seal of approval.

She’s been wearing these Toms booties for two weeks now – not permanently; give me some credit – and they’ve yet to slip off her feet. They’ve even survived a ball pool! I guess that was one thing that was originally putting me off buying a pair of shoes for her as a baby: the inevitability of losing one and never seeing it again. The height of the Cuna bootie and the wide velcro strap mean that they stay firmly on wriggly little feet. Success!

Ada is 5 months old. I had a bit of a conundrum when ordering the shoes for her. Do I go for a size 1, which is recommended for babies aged 0-6 months, or a size 1.5, which is recommended for babies aged 6-12 months? Gah. I didn’t want them to be too big for her to wear now, nor so perfect-fitting that they won’t see her into the winter months. I went for the size 1.5. They’re fine. They fit her well with room to grow (double thumbs up).

I love the gold spots, and the super-cute stitching and TOMS branding on the soles of the feet. In fact, today, we were in a cafe, and a lady came up to me to ask where Ada got her ‘gorgeous’ booties from (I was both thrilled that someone had noticed her cute shoes, and even more elated that the lady knew that Ada was a girl: we’re not a ‘pink, frilly’ family).

So, I take back what I said about not buying shoes before a baby can walk. They keep Ada’s feet deliciously toasty, she’s comfortable in them, and they look adorable. Now I need to decide what her second pair will be!

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