Hooray for messy play

Letting your almost-six-month-old loose in a bed of jelly, a carpet of cereal and a pile of ice-cream sounds hellish, right? (Think of the washing! Think of all the chubby-baby creases to prise the forgotten food out of!).

How about if I told you that you and your mini-me could indulge in all of this mess , and walk away from it squeaky clean and without doing ANY of the clearing up? Now we’re talking!

Ada and I went to our local messy play group, Mini Messy Monsters, and had a whole hour of messy, squelchy, slimy fun. I was a tad worried about the edible aspects of the play (although everything is edible according to Ada) since we were on the cusp of Baby Led Weaning, but as it turned out, Ada was more ‘exploring by mouth’ than eating.

An hour – and many sticky children – later, my child looked like some sort of cereal version of the Marshmallow Man, but she hadn’t cried, fussed or been clingy. She’s loved every second of exploring all of these new and exciting textures, tastes, smells, sights and sounds. Fantastic for her sensory development!

Thank goodness for the warm bubble bath and nursery rhymes at the end of the session: the calm after the storm, and a chance to de-gunk the kids.

A highly recommended baby and toddler group (especially because Ada was shattered afterwards and had an extra-long nap; meaning that mummy got an extra long break and a cup of coffee. Win).


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