Game. Changer.

Whoever came up with the idea of  a ‘Tidy Tot‘ needs a pat on the back and a Chocolate Orange.

After a month of getting way too familiar with our dining room floor, cleaning up the palette of various food items pebble-dashed all over it by my 6 month-old, I was excited to find out about the existence of the ‘Tiny Tot’ bib and tray set (available from Kidly for £25)

All you need to know is that it fits on to any highchair (suckers keep it in place), your baby gets velcroed into it, and NOTHING gets spilled beyond the Tiny Tot bib and tray. Yes. You read correctly – I’m talking beef stew, mashed potato, spaghetti on toast, yoghurt: all of this has been contained. Sure, Ada’s hands and mouth – and yes, there was potato up her nose earlier – get covered (cue the obligatory ‘my baby looks funny/cute/gross whilst eating photo), but there has been ZERO food on her clothes (no more naked eating!), on the highchair or on the floor.

I reckon I’ve claimed back at least half an hour a day (in exhausted mum terms, that’s a cup of coffee, and a good chunk of First Dates on catch-up), because all I have to do now is wipe down the tray and – depending on the mess-scale – wipe the bib down/dunk it in some warm soapy water/put it in the washing machine: it dries super-fast, by the way, so it’s ready to go by the time the next meal comes around.

Now I can enjoy baby-led weaning even more.

Janet the Cat, however, is miffed that her pre-chewed floor-treats have disappeared.

Tidy Tot lunchTidy Tot dinnerTidy Tot cleanTidy Tot packaging




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