Toys? The baby likes remotes, feet, the cat and anything else ‘non-baby’.

Adorning a corner of our living room is a collection of toys of various shapes and sizes that I thought would be super-appealing to our baby. Well, they are – to an extent. Yet as soon as Janet the Cat saunters past, or the remote control is in view, or – you know – she notices that I have feet, Ada casts the toys aside, eye-balls her next target and goes for it.

I guess that’s why we’ve only bought a few toys for Ada. We couldn’t see the point in having a sea of plastic toys taking over our world, presuming that Ada would find them stimulating, when, actually, she’s more curious about the ‘every day’ – and so she should be (oh – did I mention the radiator? She likes the radiator…).

So, following Ada’s curiosity and some fab ‘top tips’ from our Baby Sensory class, I created a sensory basket for Ada. This has become her favourite thing to explore, more so than her actual toys, and it’s just divine watching her sitting, exploring and independently accessing the exciting contents of the basket.

Here’s what is in our sensory basket at the moment (I say ‘at the moment’ because that’s what’s great about this – you can easily and cheaply change the contents whenever you like):

  • An emergency foil blanket (shiny and great for shaking – it makes a great


  • A sponge
  • A shower puff
  • A wooden spoon
  • A rubber pastry brush
  • A microfiber wash mitt
  • A feather duster
  • A plastic tub containing rice (with the lid glued shut!)
  • A carpet tile
  • A ball
  • A toothbrush
  • An empty plastic bottle (lid removed)

(Obviously, they are all new and clean, and Ada is supervised when playing with them)

Ada loves to crawl over to her basket, tip it up, watch the contents concertina into a pile, then remove them one by one, inspect each item, gum it, shake it and cast it aside ready for the next item (it keeps her busy for ages – definitely long enough for me to have a cup of coffee, two cookies and catch up on Gogglebox the housework).

My next sensory basket theme is going to be ‘The Outdoors’. I’ve already collected some large shells and pebbles (big enough to not be a choking risk) from when we went on our holiday to Wales, and I’m braced and ready to snaffle the fruits of the Autumn – I’m talking conkers (I’ll harden them and thread them onto string) and pine cones.

I’m just hoping that Janet the Cat doesn’t take to the outdoor themed contents and make herself *too* familiar with them… if you know what I mean (hey – if she can defile our bathtub, then, clearly, everything’s game in Janet’s bizarre little feline mind).



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