Get on the BundleBean Scene

I love how snuggly babies look in pushchairs during these piercingly chilly, wet and windy months. Foot muffs just look like the cosiest thing on the planet to be sat in on a bitter winter’s day.

Ada – who is approaching the ripe old age of 9 months – can be seen trawling the streets in a Connecta baby carrier regardless of the weather conditions. This is where she’s happiest. However, as soon as the British winter slapped me in the face with its icy hand, I saw a problem – Ada’s chubby, dangly legs were getting cold, and she was quite exposed to the elements. I soon solved this problem by zipping my coat over her. Boom! But… then she got bigger… and I can’t keep buying a bigger sized coat every time my baby has a growth spurt.

So I bought her an all-in-one snowsuit thingy which she looks HILARIOUS in. But when she’s wearing that in the carrier, it’s like carrying around a huge, puffy marshmallow. Plus, she can get too hot. Not ideal.

Enter BundleBean! I saw another mummy and her baby sporting one of these at the end of one of our baby classes. Naturally, I pounced and requested a full report on said garment.

As it turns out, the BundleBean was exactly what we needed. It’s sort of like a foot muff, but it universally fits front and back baby baby carriers. It’s waterproof on the outside with a super-snuggly fleece lining to keep the baby deliciously cosy. On the outside, it has a thoughtfully placed fleece-lined pocket where the adult can put their hands to keep warm, as well as a detachable hood to keep baby super-dry in the event of a downpour.

There is a variety of long black straps with red ends. This is so you can differentiate between which is the hook and which is the eye part of the Velcro. These long straps allow for many different ways of fastening the BundleBean – just do whatever suits you (I just Velcro around the back of my neck and again around my waist). There are poppers at the bottom so that you can tuck baby’s feet in nicely and then make sure they won’t fall out.

Importantly, the BundleBean is elasticated at the top and bottom so it fits snugly to your baby to keep them warm and dry. I say ‘baby’,  but actually, it’s designed to fit children up to four years of age. It doesn’t have to be used solely for baby-wearing, either – it can be used on a car seat, pushchair, wheelchair, the back of a push bike, or just as something to sit on at the park.

The BundleBean has kept Ada warm and dry on the bleakest of days, and it has given me my coat back! Unlike a snowsuit, I can easily take it off (without faffing to take the carrier off) if Ada is getting too hot.

The only downside I can find is that the long straps can get a bit twisted, which makes them fiddly to fasten if you’re flying solo. So far, I’ve had someone else with me who I can ask to co-pilot the BundleBean fastening (I can fasten it by myself, but it just takes a bit longer).

You can buy the BundleBean from Amazon for £39.99.

Don’t get confused with the BundleBean Go (£34.99 from Amazon). I’ve heard that this is just as good, BUT it’s smaller, so will only cover your baby whilst they’re diddy. It also doesn’t have a hood (and everybody loves a hood).


Bundlebean in rainBundlebean without rainBundlebeanBundlebean from top



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