Brushing the baby’s teeth? Easy.

A single, sharp pearly white broke through Ada’s bottom gum when she was 6 months old. Enter: nipple-biting (deep joy) and the battle-scene that is the tooth-brushing routine.

Having bought a standard baby toothbrush and toothpaste, I set about trying to find a way for Ada to let me in to her mouth for long enough to let me brush that dastardly tooth: I tried songs. I tried tickling. I tried holding the baby in different positions. I tried not holding the baby. I tried brushing my teeth at the same time. I tried letting her brush her own tooth. Oh. My. God.

If I was lucky, that tooth would see about 5 seconds of brushing action before Ada got bored/cross/annoyed. The thought of going through this twice a day, EVERY DAY made dentures seem quite appealing.

Then – I had an epiphany; I remembered that we’d been given a Brush Baby chewable toothbrush (available from Amazon for £4.99) when I was pregnant. I retrieved it from our bathroom cupboard, smeared a bit of baby toothpaste on it and handed it to Ada.

Somehow, Ada just knows what to do with the Brush Baby. She clamps her chubby little hand around the silicone handle and chomps on the silicone bristles. It must feel SO good on her sore gums since she’ll go at it for ages. It keeps her busy, too, whilst I get myself ready.

The brush head has silicone bristles on both sides and it is curved to the natural shape of a baby’s jaw, so whilst they’re gnawing away at it, their teeth and gums on the top and the bottom are getting a thorough brushing. Because Ada does this independently, toothbrush time has become a happy part of her routine.

Now, Ada’s four-teeth deep into her brushing routine, and she can’t get enough of it. What a great start to her developing a healthy, positive attitude to dental hygiene.

The only downside is that the version we have is a clear silicone one, so when the brush gets inevitably lobbed, it can be hard to see it to retrieve it again. Perhaps a bold colour or a glow in the dark version would be more visible!

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