Not your typical baby gate…

At 6 months old, Ada mastered the art of crawling, and – simultaneously – her daddy mastered the art of panicking that all of his babies (by ‘babies’, I mean the speakers, TV, laptop etc) would be violated at the hands of our curious little human.

And thus, Operation Baby Proofing was born.

We needed two baby gates downstairs – one to stop Ada scaling the stairs, and another to prevent her from entering the kitchen and pilfering Janet the Cat’s food (hello uncharted Baby-Led Weaning territory).

Anyway… when we looked at baby gates it took us about five seconds to realise that we wanted something different to the standard white metal adjustable ones that are readily available: they all just seemed so boring, and we felt that they were very much function over style. If these things were to become a permanent feature in our house for the next few years, they had to be practical AND something that looked good.

We also wanted the gates to match our living room, since that’s where they’d be installed. So, clambering at the opportunity for some time in his man-cave sans wife/child/cat, Andrew decided to put his woodwork hobby to the test and make a couple of baby gates himself… and the results were pretty awesome.

Baby gate 1 was a simple wooden frame with a centre of black, diagonal slats:

Baby gate b

For baby gate 2, we decided that we’d combine it with something fun for Ada, so it became a gate/busy board hybrid:

Baby gate d

The centre of the gate is solid wood painted black, and it has an array of interesting hardware screwed to it for Ada to explore and fiddle with when the gate is locked. She LOVES it: chains to slide; handles to turn; latches to twist; door springs to flick; a loo roll holder to knock against the wood – so much fun!

Now the cat has some sanctuary, the baby is contained and the husband gets to use his power tools again. Excellent.

Baby gate aBaby gate c

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